Making the mailman go nuts


Our readers around the world have fallen in love with Christoffer’s meticulously wrapped and beautifully lettered book packages – to the extent that some have even ordered a second book because they didn’t want to open the first package!

Like our previous book Expedition no 3, Time After Time comes enveloped in its own wrapping paper, custom printed to match the book’s colorful end papers. But this time Kaisa and Christoffer wanted to take their packages to the next level by also making their own stamps. A collection of typographers worldwide volunteered to help.

The immensely talented Erik van Blokland, Maria Doreuli, Dave Foster, Kimya Gandhi, Cyrus Highsmith, Robert Keller, Ben Kiel, Indra Kupferschmidt, David Ross, Nick Sherman, Florian Schick, Nina Stöessinger, Lauri Toikka, Wout Trippas, Teo Tuominen & Bernd Volmer have all created custom lettering for the stamps. They’ve been colored by the wonderfully patient Markku Mujunen.