Buy buy baby!

Our books are not cheap. There, we said it!

That is because we take great care and pride in their production, from the first line to hit the paper to the manner in which they reach your loving hands.

We work with environmentally certified printers, choose the best materials we can find and seek to ensure that each step of the production meets with the high standards we have set for ourselves.

Our aim is not to publish stacks of paper glued together in a haste, but to create beautiful artifacts to be relished for lifetimes to come.

So now you know why our books are not cheap. But all things considered they are quite affordable.

We love our books. And so should you!

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Time After Time

It’s big, it’s beautiful, it’s a 304-page hard cover graphic novel in full color. It doesn’t matter if you’ve loved our previous books or hated them – this books is unlike anything we’ve published before.

Special bonus feature: When you order the book from us you get the 7 inch vinyl single (see more information here) for free!

Price: 45 euros including shipment to Finland.

55 euros including shipment to rest of the world.


Expedition No.3

Expedition No.3 is a book about cycling, philosophy and enduring prolonged exposure to the rainy conditions encountered on Iceland. 288 pages long, printed in two colors, exquisitely bound with gold foil on both back and front covers as well as the spine. Not to forget the most atmospheric dust jacket out there.

Price: 30 euros including shipment.



Perfect head gear for those carefree, sunny summer rides. Or for just looking stunningly gorgeous while leaning on your fixed gear.

Stylish two color print. Hand sown by master seamstress. One size fits most. Plus you will look cute as a button in one.

Price: 30 euros including shipment.


Tour d'Europe

You might also want to order Tour d’Europe, the 476-page story of our 3000-kilometer cycling trip from Porvoo, Finland to Nice, France.

Price: 25 euros including shipment.


Audarya Lila

Audarya-Lila is story about Kaisa and Christoffer’s friend who went from punk to monk, seen through the eyes of his parents, his ex-girlfriend and himself. Beautifully bound in traditional Japanese style.

Price: 35 euros including shipment.